Data driven businesses

AI Teammates©

What we do
We bring tested solutions to real-life industry problems.

SME Professionals and Entrepreneurs need smart, scalable software that leverages the power of AI and data combined.

We aim to reduce the workload of business owners and staff by automating key workflows and bringing AI Teammates© that can perform intelligent tasks at your command.

Every feature we implement is designed with real-life, rigorous use cases in mind. We know what's needed out there, because we've worked in the service industry and seen the problems first-hand.

Our approaches are all designed around our core missions:

  • Answers each individual's unique business needs
  • Empowers them with growth-focused insights from their own data.

Our comprehensive, AI-powered CRM for businesses will put your data to work, charting the path to growth.

Feature Highlights
From both present and planned versions

Smart Data Entry

Customize every module to fit your business workflow

Ask questions to your AI Teammates© and get response based on your data

AI Integration

Transform your text into actionable tasks

Forecast and predict based on historical data

Interactive Business Knowledge Base

Secure Cloud

Integrated help desk and on-demand remote assistance

Create unique user & role permissions

Industrial end-to-end encryption and virtualization

A software that grows with you

We see our clients as partners, and we want them to get the most out of our software at every stage of growth. We have a dedicated team of beta-testers who use our software for real industry work and help us perfect our features so that you can get the best.

We can offer customized and white-label solutions for your industry, and AI Teammates© and features that are trained on your business data.

Our modules will work standalone or as part of a complete business solution.

Quickly grow your sales prospects with automatic form filling and tagging based on customer type. Upload marketing materials to automatically send out.


Generate customized emails and automate follow-up with leads with one click. Ask your AI Teammates© questions about your leads, and get answers in plain language.

Customer Service

Your AI Teammates© will analyze customer behavior for preferences, engagement, and sentiment, and advise you on actions to turn them into loyal customers.

Smart Knowledge Base

Create a library of business documents and let our AI Teammates© answer questions for your staff based on the data.

AI Analytics

Our analytics and forecasting suite will alert you of sales goals, potential surge times and anomalies.

Quotes and Invoicing

Send professional quotes and invoices and collect payments through a secure online portal. Give add-on recommendations based on segment.


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